The pandemic has given me time to think about where my passion really lies.

Having been furloughed, since March, my efforts were spread between job hunting, up-skilling and writing (book #3).

For my latest book, on leadership, I started interviewing established leaders in the area to get “real life” advice to incorporate in the book. While transcribing my conversations, I realized that this infomation was so valuable and would be worth sharing in audio form.

This is what led to the creation of my podcast “Lead That Thing!”. It is meant to help aspiring leaders by inspiring them and giving them the courage to take that step forward into leadership. Additionally, it is a source of knowledge for current leaders as to what “Good Leadership” looks like.

One of the most important traits of a leader is humility. By simply reflecting on oneself and being willing to learn and grow is a sure path to become a better, stronger, and a more empathetic leader.

I have already received some encouraging feedback from people, even strangers, saying that they have been inspired from listening to my podcast. In that case, I have met my initial goal and with that, I have also found my passion…helping others find their voice, grow and give them hope for the future.

With all the uncertainties that we are faced with today, hope is something we need to create, give and maintain.

Check out my podcast here:

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